Apple App Store – 1001 applications

Apple App Store

The popular virtual store App Store reached 1001 of available applications. Basically, App Store doubled its offer in the last 2 weeks. On 13th of July Apple announced in a press release that over 10 millions downloads from App Store have been counted.


Some of the most popular downloads are games, such as Texas Hold’em or Crash Bandicoot, but also business solutions: Bloomberg News or Salesforce Mobile and least, but not last the social networking tools: Facebook, MySpace and AIM. 20% of the software is free while 90% of the rest cost 10 $ or less. As a note the most of the applications are usable for iPhone and iPod Touch.

A few software development companies issues some complaints regarding the lack of promotion for their applications in the News, What’s Hot or Staff Favorites sections. New software versions remain in standby even a week after upload.

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