Apple’s iPad 3G To Launch April 30

Apple has just announced that its iPad 3G+Wi-Fi will be available from April 30 in the US. The iPad that has been described as a “light communication device” and “iPhone OS media player” will go on sale at 5PM and will be available to those customers who have pre-ordered the tablet, plus in Apple stores.
There will be three separate models available to customers, starting with a 7-inch display which was then junked for a larger, 10.7-inch capacitive touchscreen running at around 720p resolution. Of course, the price tag will be different for each of the prototypes. The cheapest is the 16 GB edition, ringing up at $629.00. The middle-class users should go for the 32GB model, which comes with a price point of $729.000, whilst the most expensive iPad will cost $829.00, bringing its purchaser 64GB of memory. Despite the price, all three models are meant for internet browsing, media consumption, gaming, and light content creation and unlike many older tablets, they use fingertips for input instead of a stylus that prevent electrical conductivity. Each will be Wi-Fi and 3G ready, but each will have different sized hard drives, which resemble an overgrown iPhone. The hardware will come in two different versions as the company claim at the beginning of the year.

apple ipad 3g

The iPad, which is currently being assembled by Foxconn, the same company that manufactures Apple’s iPod and iPhone, will hit the US market packed with a lot of apps: Safari, Mail, Photos, Video, YouTube, iPod, iTunes Store, App Store, Maps, Notes, Calendar, Contacts, Google Maps and Spotlight. The iPad also syncs with iTunes on a Mac or Windows PC. it has a built-in Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR interface that offers support for HSP, A2DP, and HID profiles. It runs the iPhone OS, e-book readers.
Furthermore, all three models use an internal rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery, designed to be charged with the included USB 10 W power adapter. Apple claims that the iPad’s battery can provide up to 10 hours of video, 140 hours of audio playback, or one month on standby.

The use of 3G network will be granted only by AT&T with month by month data plans. Thus, the provider will offer its users the possibility to choose between a plan that offers them a limited amount of data usage (250MB) for $14.99 and a second plan that offers unlimited data usage for $29.99 a month.

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