Are Obama’s Cellphone Accounts safe from Verizon employees?

Curios Verizon Employees

Even if you work for a cell phone carrier don’t assume you can simply go through the customer’s cellphone accounts. And if you are curios on on Barack Obama’s records, well, don`t peek because you will get fired. Just as Barack Obama was getting accustomed to saying goodbye to his trusted BlackBerry, the rumor is out that his cellphone account has been checked out illegally by Verizon employees, who were fired for it, although the account had been inactive for months.


Lowel McAdam, Verizon Wireless President and CEO apologized to President-Elect Obama and claimed that in the following weeks the company will determine which employees accessed the account for business purposes as their usual duties and which employees just had a look without permission. The press conference that will present the results of the investigation should be interesting!?!?

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