BlackBerry Visor Mount Speakerphone VM-605 Review

Few years ago, Research In Motion (RIM) produced just one product designed to change the world of businessmen: the BlackBerry Smartphone. Now, its latest release is the BlackBerry Visor Mount Speakerphone VM-605, which is in fact an evolution of the existing music gateway with a built-in speakerphone for in-vehicle use.
However, there’s a lot to like about this new phone. It’s elegant and handsome, made of black plastic with a glossy finish and it has a handy visor mounting system, so you can quickly and easily mount it in whichever vehicle you are driving, and includes the latest in noise reduction and echo cancellation technology. It looks great clipped to your car’s visor, especially if you have a dark-colored interior.
One of the most interesting features in the VM-605 is that it was designed to work with GPS applications like TeleNav that announce your directions over the speakerphone or your car radio. It will also announce the caller ID number over the speakerphone.

blackberry visor mount speakerphone vm 605
blackberry vm 605 front view
blackberry vm 605

The device essentially has one big button on the front with four LED lights indicating its status. The big button lets you pair it with your phone along with answering calls, redialing, and activating voice dialing. Most of the time you need only to click that button once, though holding it for longer activates different features. The sides of the device have both volume up and down buttons and a button to activate the FM transmitter. Both were pretty easy to press while driving. The FM transmitter announces the frequency it is on when you turn it on so that you can tell what to tune your radio to. RIM was smart to include an auto-scan feature which will search for the clearest channel. You can also listen to music stored on your BlackBerry, or play music from satellite radio applications like Pandora through your car’s speakers.
Moreover, the device sports a MicroUSB charger so you can use it with the same RIM charger that you have already. The device only comes with a car charger so you may end up having to remove it from your visor to charge it. However, battery life is very impressive: it can run for more than 12 hours straight, transmitting music from your BlackBerry.
This gadget also works with other non-BlackBerry devices with Bluetooth, though Stereo Bluetooth is required if you want to listen to music stored on your device.

The device supports 9 different languages for the voice prompts. So far they have US English, UK English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Mexican Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, & Chinese. You can simply change the language by putting it into pairing mode and holding the FM button until you hear the current language. After that you just hit the volume up or down button to select the language.
All in all, the phone looks great and works quite well, but it isn’t cheap. At $99.99 on It’s expensive, if you think that comparable products cost less and have almost all the same features as RIM’s version (Jabra’s popular SP700 Bluetooth Car Speakerphone costs $20 less at $79.99 in the CrackBerry shop).

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