DROID 2 New Details Emerge Through Video

DROID 2 (aka the Milestone 2 in the UK) has recently emerged in a video walkthrough, revealing new details. DROID 2 is the second Android-based mobile phone Motorola and Verizon are expected to soon bring to the North American market and it has been leaked a couple of times before together with DROID X, which is almost officially revealed. The first leaks were pretty scarce so everybody was expecting more info on this device to emerge and so the new video comes as good news, although you cannot put your hands on the device yet.
The video presents Motorola DROID 2 in comparison with DROID and so it seems that the new model has managed to overcome the lacks of the original model, with more improved featured. DROID 2 will land on shelves with a new 1GHz TI OMAP3630 processor (not from Qualcomm but from Texas Instruments that adopted the 45nm technology), which has been coupled with 512MB of RAM, offering increased performance levels for the successor of the DROID. It will come around with a sliding QWERTY keyboard, the same as its predecessor DROID, and very different from the DROID X that is equipped with only a touchscreen display.
The d-pad has been removed, the soft buttons on the front were modified to fit MotoBlur options and the smartphone will have a 3.7-inch touchscreen display, which is larger than the iPhone’s 3.5-inch touchscreen display, and a 5-megapixel photo camera on the back. Droid 2 has a 8 GB internal memory and it will come packed with a microSD memory card of 8 GB.
These are good news, regarding the fact that the first DROID hasn’t been very appreciate by users.
Those who grabbed the first DROID were disappointed by its size, a little large for a smartphone, and by the fact that the battery didn’t last as the company promised. DROID 2 is smaller and thinner and the golden strip from DROID has been replaced with a silver one on the new model. Besides, the flat keyboard on the original DROID has been widely criticized for being too hard to use, and Motorola took the complaints very serious as the new DROID will have larger keys made convex.
Like its predecessor, the Motorola DROID 2 is said to run on Android 2.1, but chances are that it will arrive on shelves with Android 2.2, if not immediately, at least soon after the launch. The device is expected to become available for purchase by the end of the summer.

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