HTC Unveils New Confirmed Specs About Touch.B Smartphone

The Taiwanese company HTC has just announced some new details about their newest smartphone in developing.
Originally everybody thought the Touch B would run on Android, because historically, HTC have always been known as a manufacturer of smartphones. They were even producing Windows Mobile devices until last year when they decided to launch the first Android device and since then, the launch of the very first Android powered device, they have released some subsequent models. But as it turns out, everybody was wrong. The latest MobiFrance report reveals that Touch B, also known as HTC Rome, will not run on the open-source Android operating system after all. It will actually use Qualcomm’s new Brew MP operating system. BrewMP is “a freely available mobile OS platform. It’s an open, easy to use version of Brew and is scalable across all tiers of mobile devices to get powerful applications onto mass market devices” said the officials.

htc touchb smartphone

Qualcomm has already more than a year developing a mobile OS Brew Mobile Platform. Past summer there were rumors that in the platform became interested the Taiwanese HTC, which intends to build on the basis BrewMP and introduce low-cost smartphones. The device has its own interface, which resembles the TouchFlo.
Developers of new mobile operating system, promised that BrewMP will support multi-tasking, multimedia capabilities, Java, working with GPS and so on.
Other new confirmed technical specs for the device include a 2-megapixel camera that will not have the ability to record videos and it will run on the Qualcomm MSM 7225 528 MHz processor with 256MB RAM. Unfortunately, everything is very basic so far. There is no video player installed at the moment. There is no Wi-Fi, but there is support for 3G connectivity, Bluetooth and Adobe Flash. Plus, in the photos revealed by MobiFrance, the device resembles budgetary HTC’s smartphones based on Windows Mobile.
A release date and pricing information is still not known, but it is possible the handset will be out before year’s end, if you take into consideration the rumor from this past spring. If you believe the guys from, then you should expect the phone to become available in early 2010. Until then, let’s hope we will see more information on the HTC Touch.B soon.

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