iPhone 2009 successor

The word is out that during this summer Apple will launch an updated version of iPhone. Naturally, this is only a rumor so far, however the new features that recently surfaced online preview a major iPhone release soon. According to the rumor, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company has provided hardware components needed to upgrade the iPhone hardware platform. These new components are the GSM/EDGE power amplifier, the pumped up 3.2 megapixel OmniVision CMOS sensor camera (the autofocus feature is still uncertain) and the new Bluetooth chip.


Apple has successfully held on to the crown for two generations and now its time for the third generation to live up to the expectations. Rumors are difficult with Apple because the company does an excellent job of killing leaks as even Steve Jobs declared. All the iPhone fans are excited about this new development, unfortunately most of them are stuck with 1 year or 2 year contracts at this time when a more meaningful upgrade is probably coming.

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