iPhone 3G becomes true

iPhone 3G

There were an unlimited number of iPhone 3G related rumors: spy shots, features list or date of launch. Today, the first official release date is confirmed: 9`th of June, during the WWDC event. New York Times reveals that Apple plans to offer innovative music content for the new iPhone version.The offer announces various ringtones and personalized tunes.


As far as we know, Apple is getting ready to announce a payed tracks download service, using the 3G iPhone capabilities. The current status is that the tracks can be purchased using iTunes, but you have to be connected to a WiFi network for the download.


Universal Music Group showed its interest in a “music subscription” for the new version of iPhone, enabling unlimited download, without involving extra costs, in a limited time period.

During the last year, dozens of cell phones tried to copy the brilliant Apple invention. This resulted in a huge public appreciation for the iPhone and the 3G version should surely bring the expected enhancements, hopefully at a decent price.

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