iPhone 3G Red rumor or reality ?

iPhone 3G Red

One of the latest rumors before the iPhone 3G launch, mentioned a red version of the handset. It seems that now, one of the Apple announcements regard the iPhone 3G Red that should be available on Christmas !!! Could this be a coincidence ?


The suspicion is that iPhone Red will be part of the RED charity campaign, that Apple has started last year with the iPod Red. The “Product RED” campaign focuses on money raising for the global fond Anti-AIDS in Africa. Other Apple products launched with similar occasions are iTunes RED cards, 8 GB iPod Nano RED and 1 GB iPod shuffle RED.

A good question arises: ” Will we see a GREEN iPhone 3G Green Peace” , in order to underline that the new handset is eco-friendly by not using PVC ? Recently launched LG and Sony Ericsson handsets has revealed the fact that this models even if they do not improve the functionality and only come in different colors. After all, it is the human nature to choose a colorful device.

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