iPhone in PSP disguise?

To further explore the great gaming potential of iPhone, the iControlPad is an iPhone accessory that adds physical buttons and a joypad. It slides onto the iPhone like a case and offers a PSP console form factor. The hardware interfaces via the Dock connector and is already supported by some of the emulators that run on hacked iPhones.

A couple of versions of the iControlPad iPhone gamepad surface back in Summer of 2008 and now finally it seems that a final version is actually heading to production. The clever add-on (still a case prototype) it’s a small iPhone gaming accessory that looks like it slides open. This version of the iControlPad is still in development and although the final version could be black, it has the same layout and button count.

The PSP users could consider to switch to the Apple side once the iControlPad is finished, as there are some minor modifications to be performed, but it’ll surely improve the gaming experience once it gets released. If you haven`t seen such a neat contraption, watch the video below for some Quake action on the Apple 3G handset:

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