iPhone Princess Plus

iPhone Princess Plus

The Australian jeweler Peter Aloisson has tuned up an iPhone special for the luxury phone fans. The name for this creation: iPhone Princess Plus – the world’s most expensive iPhone.

The luxury phones covered in jewels are in vogue and iPhone Princess Plus has 138 of the 318 diamonds one the phone cut in ‘princess’ style. The other 180 diamonds used the brilliant cut totaling a a number of 17.75 carats. The metal used to embed all the jewels in is 18k white gold.


The price for this for this beauty is 176000 USD and the first announced buyer is a businessman from Russia. There is also a “low end” version containing only the brilliant-cut diamonds and is available for “only” $66150. I wonder what good will the iPhone Princess Plus do when its battery will run out, will they buy other one just to keep it on the safe side ?!?!?!

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