iPhone surveilance

Considering that iPhone camera can only take snapshots, the iPhone performance regarding the video capture is impressive since this handset has recently gained the ability to record video with a new software. This is not out current topic, instead we shall see a security system based on a video camera controlled by iPhone.

iPhone used for surveillance


What is currently very odd is that more and more users create applications for iPhone, however in UK and soon in US the iPhone will no longer be available and the shelves begin to be emptier. There are bands which play using the iPhone, a garden sprinkler system based on the same device and now an iPhone video surveillance system. The whole idea is to control the external video camera using the phone touch screen interface, however, the Frames Per Second number is very disappointing.

Could this be the future of the video surveillance systems? We already know that the Smartphones are nowadays integrated into our life and iPhone 3G will brings the revolution not just into the mobile phones industry but also in the DIY (Do It Yourself) arena.

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