Leaked BlackBerry 9800 To Be Unveil Next Month

Canadian smartphone designer Research In Motion has announced that in a PR style reminiscent of Apple, there will be an event next month that many believe is the super-secret BlackBerry 9800’s official launch.
BlackBerry 9800 is Research In Motion’s first sliding device and the latest rumors around the Internet suggest that the company already sent out invites to an event to be held on August 3, next Tuesday, during which it might unveil nothing else than this long rumored sliding mobile phone. And because the wireless carrier AT&T would also be present at the event, word has it that this first BlackBerry slider would hit the North American shelves via AT&T. All these rumors on the upcoming availability of this device have started to emerge ever since last year, but now it seems that they are finally getting close to proving true. Unfortunately, details regarding the carrier are scarce for now, but previous rumors suggested that the real launch date of the device at AT&T would be on August 15.

blackberry 9800

Furthermore, BlackBerry Cool posted an article recently, reading that the BlackBerry 9800 would be in fact the whipped cream of the event, especially because the BlackBerry OS 6 logo can be seen on the invites sent out to media. Besides, everyone expects the device to come packed with the mobile phone maker’s new BlackBerry 6 operating system, regardless of its final name, whether it will be called BlackBerry 9800 Slider or BlackBerry Torch, as some rumor addicts spread the word. The way the organizers are preparing the event and the way things are supposed to be, reminds us a lot of the last year’s release of BlackBerry Bold 9700.
In addition, a video appeared on YouTube showing the device in action. If you see tis video, you surely agree the phone looks impressive. The 9800 is expected to have a 3.2-inch touchscreen boasting a 360×480 resolution. The handset should arrive sporting the popular BlackBerry QWERTY, though in a sliding form factor this time and the camera is expected to have auto-focus and flash, with five megapixels being suggested. Wi-Fi, GPS, EDGE, and Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP should also be available on the upcoming handset.
However, it seems that the device will not be launched only in the United States. According to BBLeaks, users of Vodafone UK may soon also be able to get their hands on it as well. But this will probably happen later in fall, in September or October. The source of the rumor also points out Telefonica, Orange, T-Mobile UK and O2 are currently testing as well.
But after all, nothing is certain for the time being. Only August 3 should make things clear for everyone.

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