LG VX8360 vs LG VX8350

The LG VX8360 resembles somehow its predecessor, the LG VX8350, despite the facelift.
The phones share the quality of a 1.3-megapixel camera. Users can also opt for 640 x 480 px and 320 x 240 px resolution in order to save room on the phone’s memory, although the camera won’t zoom while using these lower resolutions. The camera will zoom up to two times with the standard resolution setting.

LG VX8360 vs LG VX8350

Photographers can rotate or crop pictures, take a self-portrait with the phone open or closed, set a self-timer for three, five or ten seconds, and switch the shutter sound to a voice that says, “Say cheese!” or “Ready, 1, 2, 3.”
The VX8360’s camcorder has just one resolution setting – 176 x 144 px. Users can record a 30 second video to send to friends or save an hour of video on the phone or a memory card. Video formats that can play on the phone include WMV, MP4, 3Gp and 3G2. The camera and camcorder offer a variety of color effects – sepia, aqua, negative and black and white – and white balance effects that adjust for lighting and weather conditions. Both also can enter a night mode after dark.
Each phone has access to email, instant messaging, and enhanced, multimedia and short text messaging services. Their gray and silver coating and rectangular shape are about the same too. In fact, users of the VX8360’s previous models may not see much difference in this phone at all. However, if they look closely, they will see some improvements.
First of all, the VX8360 looks better. Weighing in at 3.35 ounces and measuring just 3.65 inches long, 1.91 inches across and 0.78 inches thick, the sleek and lightweight VX8360 has rounded edges, no external antenna, and flips open and closed more smoothly than some of the VX8360’s predecessors. Its sheen black face and matte gray and silver finish with discreet external music keys and a well-sized external screen give the VX8360 a more modern and professional finish than similar models that came before it. Its main screen has better image quality, going from 256K-colors and 170 x 220 px resolution on the VX8350 to 262K colors and 240 x 320 px resolution on the VX8360.
The phone’s battery lasts longer without a charge, too, about 90 minutes longer while in use and more than 400 hours longer on standby.
The old VX8350 only uses Mobile Web 2.0, which constricts where users can gain access to the Web to service areas in the United States. The new VX8360 connects to the Internet through any nearby Wi-Fi network, which makes it easier — and cheaper — to access the Internet all over the world.
It has a bold set of Internet features for a lightweight clamshell and maintains a reputation as a noteworthy music downloading and playing device. But a lack of memory storage and a corresponding need to buy a memory card in order to take the phone’s entertainment features to their full potential could steer some shoppers to a different phone.
The VX8360 also includes a program called Chaperone that helps parents locate their children by beaming real-time updates from the child’s LBS-enabled phone to the parent’s cell or computer. An extra ChildZone option that sends a text message when the child leaves or enters a specific location is also available in an extended plan.

The VX8360 includes the same common features as its predecessor VX8350, such as an alarm clock, stopwatch, calculator, tip calculator, calendar, note pad and world clock.

One thought on “LG VX8360 vs LG VX8350

  1. Let’s clear some things up:

    The VX8360 does not have wifi.

    These phones will zoom in lower quality settings, not in the standard high-quality setting (this is flipped).

    Finally, I think it’s really pretty silly to say that anyone wouldn’t notice a difference in the styling of these phones. They’re clearly different.

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