Market report 2008: Apple iPhone outsells BlackBerry in US

Apple iPhone outsold rival Research In Motion (RIM) BlackBerry in the latest quarter, according to a technology analysis firm, lending weight to a recent boast by Steve Jobs. The new touchscreen enabled phone coming from RIM should even the balance and steal some of Appleā€™s fans.

The analysis firm found that touch screens, which the iPhone is famous for, proved to be the most popular design feature among users considering their future mobile usage of applications such as playing music, maps and web browsing. Nokia has lost some of its market share because it has been slow in integrating touch screens to its product line.


Apple shipped more than 6.8 million iPhones during the third quarter of 2008 to give it a market share of 17.3 %. RIM shipped just over six million BlackBerry phones in the quarter for a 15.2 % share of a market that saw more than 39 million phones shipped overall.

Apple leapfrogged both RIM and Motorola from a year ago to take the number two spot, behind Nokia Corp. Nokia shipped more than 15.4 million Smartphones in the quarter for a market share of 38.9 %, but saw its leadership position take a big dip from 51.4 % a year ago.

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