Motorola Aura, Beauty without brains?

Motorola Aura

Trying to draw attention from its financial issues, Motorola announces a luxury phone, inspired from the luxury watches arena. The display shape is indeed a premiere, Motorola Aura is the first circular display phone; and although its looks glamorous, the specs are common: 2 megapixel camera, 2 GB internal memory and 7 hours of talk time.


The keyboard is made out of aluminum and the outer shell is a stainless steel block with chemically imprinted textures. A 62 carats sapphire lens is used for the display`s protection. Coming at an estimated price of 2000$ (2k$) !!!!!, Motorola Aura will be available in stores starting with December. No doubt this device is a work of art, unfortunately the case may be that only a couple of dozens millionaires and fashion models will be the targeted users of a beautifully crafted phone case with a below average phone inside.

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