Motorola i335 – as rugged as it gets

Motorola i335

Motorola has launched a few days ago the rugged i335 cell phone, set to arrive at, a regional cell phone provider based in Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi who offers the best cell phone plans. However, this device is not at its first launch, in 2007 it was launched also in US. The main advantage with i335 is its durability, a focus point also in the new release commercial. Although it has a better design than most of the Motorola ‘i’ series to meet the “military standard 810F for dust, shock and vibration”, the handset`s shock and dust proof are the main attraction of the device. The video commercial is indeed ‘shocking’ as it was made showing the i335 enduring drops on concrete, plus a car that drives over it, so it seems that i335 is a phone that Chuck Norris could use when on dangerous missions.
Motorola i335 can be bought from, for the retail price of $49.99 with a 2 year contract, you can check other cell phone family plans on the providers website. Until you actually get the chance to buy it, you can enjoy the video below:

Motorola i335 Review

Moto i335 has a rubber cover with leather texture, which makes it easy to grip and use. Besides the casing, the molded rubber on the keypad scores in the ‘looks’ section. The device comes only in black, with red navigation buttons and the only thing missing is the fact that the i335 is not waterproof, although it was presented as handset that withstands everything. Regarding the features list, I335 does not benefit of a camera and to compensate, it boosts Walkie-Talkie feature, GPS capabilities, Bluetooth, push-to-talk, Web browser, Instant Messaging, handsfree, Java support, miniUSB and a 2.5mm jack. Anyway, since the phone is targeted for those who need a tough and reliable device, the phone camera might not matter that much.

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