Motorola MING series goes on

Motorola MING A1600 and A1800

Motorola launches 2 new business Smartphones: MOTOMING A1600 andA1800 based on the Linux platform. Both terminals can not be identified as compact while the the top specs list includes GPS, 2.4 inch touchscreen display and 3 megapixels camera.

MING A1600 is the natural upgrade for the former MING A1200 and it supports quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE connectivity (no 3G support). The 3 megapixels camera benefits of continuous autofocus and can be used to scan business cards or translate random text excerpts.


A1600 comes with a microSD cards slot and it also offers stereo Bluetooth support (A2DP). Wi-Fi connectivity is unfortunately not available, however the GPS module with the geo-tagging functionality is included.

The twin brother, MING A1800, uses the platform and lists exactly the same features (no WiFi for A1800 also). A1800 can peer simultaneously to 2 networks, GSM or CDMA. GSM support covers the tri-band GSM frequencies (no EDGE or 3G support), while the CDMA platform uses the CDMA 1x standard.


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  1. I do not agree, that the clam shell is completely out of fashion…but what is to deal with these two phones. Have they forgotten to touch with reality in which the two models? My personal opinion is that you have left on a motorcycle slip for too long and has the ball.

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