Motorola Rolls Two Eco-friendly Cell Phones

Motorola, the company that dropped to No. 4 in the global handset market in the last quarter of 2008, announced on Tuesday, January 6 will show off two new cell phones made from recycled plastic water bottles at the Consumer Electronics Show later this week.

The plastic housing of the Moto W233 Renew is made from recycled water bottles and is itself 100 percent recyclable. Motorola described it as the “world’s first carbon neutral mobile phone” because it reduces your carbon footprint without sacrificing quality. Besides, the phone has earned’s CarbonFree Product Certification after an extensive product life-cycle assessment.

motorola w233 renew

“Today, natural resources, energy and time are more precious than ever before,” said Jeremy Dale, corporate vice president of global marketing at Motorola Mobile Devices. “From the product’s design, to the packaging, to our partnership with, we wanted to ensure that this device makes the right impact with consumers and the environment.”
In other words, Moto W233 Renew focuses on social responsibility, which is noticeable in the packaging too. Motorola reduced packaging size by 22 percent and the box and all the materials inside are printed on 100 percent recycled paper. The handset maker includes a postage-paid recycling envelope that encourages consumers to return their previous mobile phone for recycling at no cost. In plus, the company claims that 20% less energy is needed now to produce the phone, compared to the standard plastic process.
With a greenish-yellow skin, the Renew offers up to nine hours of talk time, meaning users can talk more, charge less and reduce energy usage.

Motorola will also present the Motosurf A3100, a mobile device it describes as a high-speed “touch tablet” with a customizable home screen to be used for data access over HSPA and Wi-Fi wireless networks. It runs Windows Mobile 6.1, according to This phone focuses on social connectivity as many of its applications can be accessed with the tip of a finger, a stylus, or a unidirectional trackball. “We developed the Motosurf A3100 as a true social smart phone,” said John Cipolla, senior vice president of product development for Motorola Mobile Devices. “Home-screen personalization and access to a whole host of applications gets the info you want fast, and at your fingertips.”

motorola motosurf a3100

The Motosurf A3100 will be available in multiple regions including Asia and Latin America beginning in the first quarter of the year, while Renew will first be available at T-Mobile USA in the first quarter. However, the company did not disclose pricing for the phones
Motorola will also show a flip phone, the Motorola Tundra VA76r, that provide push-to-talk capabilities, including a walkie-talkie style feature. The phone would go on sale on January 13 at AT&T Inc, the biggest U.S. mobile provider.

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