Motorola ZN5 gets the official announcement

Motorola ZN5 – is it enough to save Motorola?

Motorola ZN5 is officially posted now, after information and photos of the Motorola ZN5 leaked online numerous times starting with last year. ZN5 is the first handset to be produced under the MOTOZINE lineup, which will be Motorola’s new label for multimedia-rich devices.MOTOZINE ZN5 is a Smartphone using the Linux platform and runs on a Freescale 500MHz processor. All recently leaked Motorola phones seem to use that OS instead of the UIQ we all were used to.


The generous 2.4 Inch QVGA display and WiFi connectivity are present to improve the multimedia an Internet experience. The touch-sensitive morphing keypad, called ModeShift comes to improve the overall ergonomics with its haptic feedback. The Motorola ZN5 will measure 12mm in thickness, entering the Top 5 of slimmest 5 megapixel camera phones. The lack of 3G connectivity is a big disappointment for many users and reveals it is being targeted mainly at the Chinese market, were EDGE is as fast as it gets.

The Kodak co-branding has brought the Kodak Perfect Touch technology to the ZN5. This feature is a mere quick fix of photos that will be available straight on the handset. We are guessing something like the Sony Ericsson PhotoFix option, which improves underexposed images and adds contrast. Surprisingly, ZN5 will offer two apertures values, which is a first among camera phones. The camera will automatically pick between F2.8 (the standard for all camera phones) and F5.6 (when there is enough light).

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