Nokia 5310 Review, Rating and Pricing Specifications

Nokia 5310 XpressMusic

Nokia5310 XpressMusic phone is a super-slim candy bar handset (only 9.9 millimeter thick and weighs less than 71 grams) is Nokia answer to Sony Ericsson W880 model. With dedicated music controls on its left edge, it`s thin profile and lightweight design made it practically unnoticeable in our pockets.

With a sleek aluminum finish, the Nokia 5310 XpressMusic phone blends an array of features with a smooth inspirational design.The phone enables you to acœs and download music bought from the Nokia Music Store via the PC however you will not be able to download it directly to the phone as it uses the Series 40 operating system instead than Series 60.


Network UMTS / GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
Generals 103.8 x 44.7 x 9.9 mm; Weight: 70.2 g
Display TFT, 16M colors; Size: 240 x 320 pixels, 2 inches, 31.5 x 41.5 mm
Memory microSD (TransFlash), 30 MB internal memory
– Bluetooth v 2.0 stereo (A2DP), USB v 2.0

Messaging SMS, MMS, Email, Instant Messaging
Camera 2 MP, 1600×1200 pixels, video(QCIF)
Features – Java MIDP 2.0
– FM radio with RD
– MP3/MP4/AAC/eAAc/WMA player
– Integrated handsfree
– Nokia sensor
– 3.5 mm AV jack
Battery – Standard battery: Li-Ion 860 mAh (BL-4CT)
– Stand-by: Up to 300 h
– Talk time: Up to 5 h 20 min


Although Nokia 5310 is the thinnest Nokia Expres Music phone, it embeds a dedicated music chip, stereo Bluetooth, 3.5 mm AV jack and reveals an incredible stylish classical shape which comes in a mainly black colored casing complete with colored sections which makes this phone look very fashionable. The camera is well known with Nokia, the 2 megapixel camera (4x digital zoom, no flash) shows good results in bright day light.

At only 9.9mm thick and weighing less than 71 grams, the Nokia 5310 XpressMusic offers up to 20 hours of music playback, memory for up to 3,000 songs on an optional 4GB microSD card and dedicated music keys.

51 thoughts on “Nokia 5310 Review, Rating and Pricing Specifications

  1. I sorry, i made a mistake.Video recording is there,but still camera quality is poor compared to idea abt music clarity.looks really cute except the funny red and blue options.dont know who’s is creating these color combinations.probably an engineer with no sense of colors or absolutely color blind.

  2. i bought this two days back, and seems quite good.but still im kind of dubious abt one bug thats occurring once in a while when we play music for sometime.its like the music will get stopped and the phone will go to some sleep mode or something and will boot up automatically,takes time to load music library idea whats happening.and one more thing camera is too slow,like if we click a snap then one funny animation will show up and will be there for around 10 sec,and in that time if we move the cell,the cam will be saoturing something else or it will be really blurry.anyways all along 5310 is lukin good and idea what else is in store—i meant bug 🙂

  3. Hmmm .. The phone looks good yes. But, my phone has stopped working and refuses to swtich on 2 days after i bought it. Dubious eh?

  4. could be a rather good phone because am looking for one with no camera but since it has and the features are the onesi want
    then it stands as one of my options to go with.
    thanks for the innovations.

  5. i agree with gorn
    ive had my fone for 5 days now
    and yesterday it refused to turn on
    its fully charged n that
    but when i turn it on, i comes on like normal
    then flikers on and off until it stays off
    its a good quality fone, nice sleek design
    the music quality is good, and the fone is generally loud.
    amazing color screen, pity the cameras a bad quality and has no flash
    but i would say this fone is a great bargain snatch =]

  6. I just ordered one today and I’m really exited about it, I have heard the sound is really good and I think the design is just awesome; I prefer the blue one. I don’t think you can complain so much about the camera, after all it’s a phone, a very thin one. I have one question for you all since I haven’t received mine yet: I want to buy a microSD memory and Nokia says the 5310 will work with memories up to 4 GB, but there are microSDs of 6 and 8 GB as well. Has anyone tried to see if the phone works with those as well? Please, if you have let me know. Thanks!

  7. I wanna buy 5310, but i need more info bout this phone. Is there any speaker out for d’music? I mean, not d’headset, But integrated with phone. I really need d’info, please

  8. For the price its selling at, its good. i mean the screen resolution, battery life, music player, everything is good. its easy to use, easy to type messages and everything easy that u get wen u buy a nokia. the only problem – the camera, which is not quite up to the mark as other nokia 2M.P camera phones. lets say nokia 6233. and yes, it does take some time for the pictures to save. the pictures look good in the phone itself, its wen u copy it to ur pc that it looks ….. disappointing.. Its not crisp at all. even in bight daylight. but then again, as someone said above, its a phone, not a camera. good stuff for a good price.

  9. I just got mine yesterday and it’s great, so far no crashes everything is perfect. I will try to use a 8 GB memory with it and hope it works, has anyone tried yet? Also, can someone tell me how to turn off the sound the keys make when you press them? It’s really annoying when you are writing a message since the tone is slower than you typing and for example when you press the 7 four times to get an S the tone sound only plays 2 or 3 times if you do it fast (or just at a normal writing rate) and you think you only pressed it three times when you actually pressed it four times, so you press it again believing it’s the fourth time when it actually is the fifth. I think it’s annoying and I suppose other people have that problem. The question is how you turn the sound off. It’s usually easy to find in the settings, but on this one I can’t find it anywhere, and the book, the cd or the website don’t help at all. Please someone help me:
    >How do you turn the key-sound off?
    >Does a 8 GB memory work without any problems?

  10. Hi my name is Arvind i am using nokia N95 its just excellent,marvelous,i cant live without my phone hey boys my suggestion is that just use n95 the 5megapixel camera, its better than 5310.

  11. guess whaa people.
    straight after i wrote the last message the freakiest thing happened. my n95 crashed (virus/software problem). it just keeps flashing in blank white screen. it doesn’t turn on. but the even more stupid thing that happened is my mum brought a 5310 for hear self about 1 week ago and now im using the phone i hate. Lol.
    the thing is, i think this phone is really good onces you star using it. verrrry goood.

  12. that first guy says the creators have “no sense of colors or absolutely color blind”, and a few days later, he went buy himself one, haha what an idiot, no brainer!!!

  13. wow…das’s so great design (Nokia huh ?). i think some nokia manufactuers were so hard try becuz wif a phone like dis , just 9.9mm wif slim but da audio kwality so Xcelent oh lol thin n like a fascinated girl but very hot ..n i luv it …^^!!

  14. hey I got this phone say 1 week ago and I really love it especially the sounds although the camera as some says its quite slow but ofcourse its still a phone atleast the shot is good.. the graphics is also great.. nothings problem about my phone.. i think its depends on how will you care about the phone..

  15. Tell you all waht: It is indeed a mobile phone. It also happens to be a music player, and a mini web browser as well (Opera is fan-f-ing-tastic when it comes to browsing usability in a mobile), but beyond that it is a mobile, and an INCREDIBLY THIN AND SLEEK ONE at that. My point? Stop bitching about it’s camera. Just stop. Seriously. It shouldn’t even have one considering its svelte 9.9 mil profile. It sucks. So what? I have a Nikon for real pics, mobile cams are for posterity images (at least most are) because it theoretically is at hand at all times. Constructive reviews for those that want one might mention the cameras minimal abilities, but get on with it after the cursory mention. I myself am planning to move up to the 5310 from a 5300 and appreciate all I can read about it, except how the camera sucks. Rant over 🙂
    Werd. I love Nokia. Cant move away from them. Prolly never will. . .

  16. I want to buy N70,but i am not sure wether 5310 is a better alternatve ??,which one should i buy? N70 ? or 5310 ? i have no much experience in mobile phones !!

  17. I have a problem with my 5310. It reports ‘memory full’ when i visit certain sites. Anything i can do to solve this?

  18. this phone is amazing when it comes to size and looks. the camera sucks, but who cares, if you want to take good pics, buy a digital camera. the music is great and even better with the bluetooth headset. Nokia is the best. A+

  19. the phone is great. but i didnt like the headphones (hs-45) which come with the phone. headphoneslack the bass reflexes. which headphones i should buy? plz help

  20. So far I have read/heard alot of good things about this phone. I think I am going to get this phone. I only have a few questions,

    1.How Much Does It Cost From T-Mobile?
    2.How Much Does It Cost From Nokia?
    3.What Colors Do It Come In?

  21. The phone comes in Blue, Red or Orange. T-Mobile is $200 w/o contract, $49 with. This phone really does have nice sound and the reminders/text/etc. are more than loud enough to hear if you’re in a different room. I’m one of those weird people who actually likes their phone a little bigger (easier to hold onto) but that’s just me. It’s definitely easy to slip into a pocket or even a zippered binder if you use one.

  22. hi readers! Im using n95 8g,can somebody help me,my mpeg is nt wrkng esp fr u tube ,hw can i download d right flash drver? Domou arigatou gozaimashita!

  23. Memory max size and type??
    Does anyone know if the HDSC cards will work in these??
    I have read 4GB max., but someone wrote where his 8GB worked just fine??

  24. well it looks like im going to break the sony spell i have and im going to buy the anti-christ nokia! my sony bashing friends are gunna kill me and then love me wen i start playing music lol, im sorry but where i live everyone has a sony ,lg or samsung and i dont like following the crowd and im on a tight budget and i love music and i dont take many photos and im fashion consusios so this phone is perfect! i hope it dosent die on me or im going back to sony!

  25. Hi i am planning to buy 5310. hope it wont give me trouble. new version black is said to have upgraded. please suggest.

  26. Hi,
    I am planning a Nokia mobile this month. My choice is 5310, 6300 and 5320. Please guide me which is best?.

    I like bar type models. 6300 is having less talk time so I am thinking for 5310. But in most of the review i red that it has poor camera. Is that true?. I need normal camera with good sound effect.

    waiting for reply

  27. Recently i bought a nokia 5310 in london but I live in Bangladesh.So i donot use the pohne beause of country code log.I want to know how open the country code log ?

  28. The n5310 is nice looking, but camera is slow and not too good. In the case of sound, it’s better SE W200i.
    If you want nokia, Get N5610 slide Xpress music.

    No 3g, no flash,only tri band, re-starting many times.
    The best music phone is SE W910i

  29. nokia 5320 is a nice mobile launched by nokia .tt’s awesome ,you have no right to make false comments……..

  30. can any one temme hw poor is d speaker quality of dis it so bad tht u cant hear what song is being played? If it is normal enough like any other nokia phones in less than 10k range, then i can go for it.

  31. Hi,
    This phone is a garbage. This is my suggession to all people around me that never buy Nokia 5310. When I try to charge my phone it refuses to charge. But sometimes it shows battery charging automattically without any charger. But now nothig more it’s just my cell has stopped working and refuses to swtich on.
    It’s disgusting.

  32. hey.. i’ve got nokia 5310 2.i used 2 like my fone at first but .. it hasnt been even a year since i bought it and its startd acting weird. a few months back i had sent dis fone 4 repairing coz sum weird thing started appearing on da fone screen. it came back ftr reparing it was workin alrite bt 2day suddenly its screen got stuck hasnt been workin since den. i switch it on da nokia hands appear bt ftr dat dere’s nothin.i hate dis fone. i spent a lot on repairing it jus a month bk. can’t tell u hw frustrated i am. da radio also stops on its own and da music player 2.da camera is disgusting and da video also useless.dnt buy dis fone

  33. I honestly love this phone. I’ve had it for a few weeks now. I used to have a samsung gravity, and I went through 7 of them. This white/silver nokia is the best phone I’ve ever had! Highly customizable, amazing sound quality, and doesn’t scratch. The only problem with me is the camera quality, but other than that I really love this phone. Fast, user-friendly, and well-made. 🙂 Texting, emailing, and other multimedia works perfectly 🙂 I do recommend this phone!

  34. what a shame the bluetooth is not working.. still searching and searching then… no find device…. what happen to express music phone????

    can you help me about this problem….

  35. Ive had this phone for almost 2 years. Well, actually this is my 3rd one. I like it. It can break fairly easy tho. and dont think about carrying it on you in freezer/warehouse for extented periods of time. 0 degrees f. isnt good for it. lol. Also, dont throw it. Haha. My screen mystersiously cracked one day in my pocket, so dont lean up against anything while its in there. One guy was asking about the 4gb cards. You can put an 8gb in but it will tell you its a 4gb. lol. I honestly do like this phone with the stupid little problems. Tho i am having a big one right now, i just got my third one about two months ago, and now it wont charge anymore. just ordered a new charger and im hoping this will fix it, i miss my phone. =( its been dead now for like 5 hours. hahaha. Later.

  36. worst mobile anyone can have……..
    get off itself…muisc doesnt play…games deleated itself…Never go for it

  37. This phone is great with 16 million colors for design and quality sound earphone(s) better than SE ( PWND ) whats to complain about , lol my phone has never crashed on me ever since i updated to the latest software evn tho I did’nt need to 😀 the camera ain’t that bad , people who say this is not loud WTF!!! it really is. this is alot
    louder than alot of phones , this phone is real Gr8 IMO 🙂


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