Nokia 5800 XpressMusic reaches the first million units sold

One of the most recent Nokia press releases announced the first million of Nokia 5800 XpressMusic units sold. Turning their back to a financially unfavorable year, Nokia`s first mass market touchscreen handset 5800 XpressMusic is getting a really warm welcome and becomes one of the most popular handsets of 2009.
Nokia 5800 XpressMusic may be getting a a hearty welcome in the UK where it costs only 249 GBP (around 265 Euro) but in the other European countries its price tag is closing 300 euro. Launched at the time a legion of touchscreen phones have been busy delivering more and better, and owning that market, Nokia 5800 is now a worthy rival.
It’s technically not the first time Nokia deals touch screens, but it sure feels they really mean business this time. The smart platform with the most influential touch receives its first trial by touch. Being the first device running Series 60 5th alone is enough for the 5800 to be remembered by. Nokia 5800 is unobtrusively positioned in the mid-range and the XpressMusic branding helps share some of that first S60 touchscreen weight. Still, it’s way more than an affordable music-centered handset.

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