Nokia Lumia 710 Review

Nokia is the most popular phone brand in Europe but not so much in the United States. However, things are starting to change as T-Mobile is offering the Nokia Lumia 710, the latest Nokia smartphone that features the newest Windows Phone operating system. Here’s the Nokia Lumia 710 review, so that you can decide for yourself if it’s worth buying.

Nokia Lumia 710

Nokia Lumia 710 Colors

The materials are not the top materials used for Android or iPhones but this doesn’t mean they are cheap. It has a rubbery grip on the back for good hold, it’s stylish thanks to its 3.7-inch screen with a decent resolution of 800×480, which is sufficiently for most people but not for those used with using top phones.

Operating System
Nokia Lumia 710 runs the Windows 7.5 (aka Mango) operating system, which competes with the two giants on the US market. It’s totally different than the OS used by iPhones and Android phones but it is equally of high quality. For instance, one difference is that the apps don’t appear on the screen as icons, but as a list, which doesn’t affect running them. Unfortunately, you don’t have access to so many apps in the Windows Marketplace as you would have in the Android Market. Overall, Lumia’s OS is a matter of preference.

Web browsing
Being a Microsoft system, the phone uses Internet Explorer and Bing for searches but the web browsing speed is very fast. The phones comes with 4G network compatibility so the speed of downloads via T-Mobile’s 4G is extremely fast, crashing down other competitors from this point of view.
Other features

Nokis Lumia 710 comes with Bluetooth, GPS, the usual calendar tools, alarm and calculator, voice commands, you can watch live TV (only if you pay for the T-Mobile TV option), battery span is decent. You can also use Microsoft Outlook, Xbox Live and Hotmail and edit Microsoft Word and Excel docs.

– Works with your corporate e-mail exchange server;
– Good management of calendar events;
– It features predictive text input;
– People Hub;
– Netflix, which allows you to watch films on your Lumia 710 if you have a Netflix account, though this app drains the battery more than any other apps;

– It doesn’t support Flash videos;
– The storage capacity is low, of only 8GB;
– Average snapper of 5 megapixels to shoot 720p HD videos;
– No camera for video chat

* $39.99 for online purchase with a 2-year contract
* $349.99 without contract.

Nokia Lumia 710 Video

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