Nokia N8 Leaked Again With Specs

An image of the device leaked a while back but the Nokia N8 has been leaked once again, with new specs. The device is said to capture 720p HD video recording and 12 megapixel stills (which is said to be similar to the Sony Ericsson Satio 12 megapixel shooter), HDMI out, multitouch controls and of course, Nokia’s first Symbian^3 operating system and UI.

Chinese tech site IT168 posted exclusive images of what is supposed to be next Nokia’s full touchscreen device with minimal set of hardware controls. According to the photos, the handset itself looks like an improved and keyboard-less variant of the Nokia N97 with intended to offer larger screen: 3.5-inch WVGA screen with resolution of 480×800 just like on the Nokia N900.

Nokia N8 Images

Nokia N8

Since its first leak, the N8 was said to launch in May, then the launch date was pushed to April, then to mid-July and now to September. So if the device intrigued you, you will have to wait longer if rumors prove true. However, GSMArena received a tip from a person working for O2 UK who claims that the device is on the stock update for the carrier. It’s interesting that even though the handset hasn’t been released on the market, it is already very criticized. According to Mobile-Review, which managed to get hold of a Nokia N8, the new Symbian^3 OS is a “disappointment” and legendary insider Eldar Murtazin reports that the much hyped successor to Symbian S60 5th edition, as seen on the Nokia N97, lacks the innovation that both Android and iPhone brought to the fold.

Moreover, it looks like the upgrade isn’t as good as everyone seems to expect it to be and in addition to this, there are reports of no significant improvements in speed when compared to competition or to existing rival platforms on any of the Nokia N8 prototypes he tested. The Nokia N8 is apparently running fast but once its memory gets filled up it starts to lag. Murtazin goes so far as to jokingly accuse Nokia employees of sabotaging the company’s brand from the inside, else it might be “impossible to explain” why the N8 exists at all. writes that Symbian 3 on the Nokia N8 looks near identical to Symbian on the Nokia N97.
This definitely doesn’t look good for Nokia but those are impressions based on an early pre-release sample of the Nokia N8. Hope dies last so perhaps the Finnish company will resolve these issues before the official launch.

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