Ruggedized Nokia 3720 – The Most Resistant Phone from Nokia

Nokia officially launched last week a new tough handset with the moniker of the 3720 Classic, which has been designed to withstand more than its fair share of punishment.
Following the footsteps of Nokia’s highly popular ‘rugged‘ cell phones of the past, the Nokia 3720 classic handset is encased in durable materials and is entirely sealed to protect the inner electronics. Thus, Nokia 3720 classic cell phone features a sealed, leak-proof design and durable materials that come in a veritable rainbow of colours. The Nokia 3720 battery cover, which protects both the battery and the internal circuitry of the cell phone, is locked with a screw, making for worry-free usage in wet, dusty or muddy environments.

nokia 3720 classic

The rugged Nokia cell phone is easy to use in all weather conditions. Moreover, the phone is IP-54 certified, which means that it is resistant to water, dust and shock damage – though it isn’t certified to the IP-67 level of the Sonim S1.
Markku Suomi, vice president, Connect devices said in a press release:
“Whether using it at the beach or in a dusty construction site, the Nokia 3720 classic has been specifically engineered to withstand the splashes, bumps and drops that come with the terrain. While the Nokia 3720 classic is tough on the outside, it is equally functional on the inside – a perfect choice for people who want a long-lasting and reliable mobile phone for any environment.”
According to the Finland Company, this mobile phone is the most resistant from their range, but in terms of hardware specifications and soft it does not excel. The phone comes with less than remarkable features like a 2-megapixel camera with 4x digital zoom , GPS, 16M colors, S40 OS, 25MB internal memory, a 1GB microSD card, FM radio, preloaded Nokia Maps, a LED flashlight and, as expected, a long-lasting battery with over 2.5 weeks standby time. But then again this phone is made to withstand outrageous conditions so smartphone-like features will not be found in the 3720 Classic. The large and bright 2.2″ QVGA cell phone display is perfect for following the route even in unfamiliar terrain.
Therefore, Nokia 3720 Classic it’s the kind of product that you can hit walls with, then pick it up and call your girlfriend to tell her you have now became a peaceful and calm man. It’s the gadget you can use as fish bait. It’s the rough mobile phone that only Chuck Norris can destroy.
The 3720 Classic is due to retail for €125 before taxes or subsidies and is expected to begin shipping this summer.

Nokia 3720 Video Presentation

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