Samsung M7500 Emporio Armani review

Samsung and Emporio Armani team up again to attach the fashion conscious cell phones segment. The M7500 model adds another page to the fashion brand mobile phone market: the clubbing fashion device. Codenamed Night Effect, Samsung M7500 is focused on music and features flashing colored light effects in the dark that give the handset a completely unique style and look.
The Emporio Armani fashionably styled casing with embedded light effects means a device able to turn heads on looks alone. It is not the intention to leave aside its hidden features, this is a area where the fashion handsets can not glow and the designer label certainly justifies the asking price but the handset can not get away with gaps in the spec list.

The fact is that Samsung M7500 is a quad band 3G phone using the HSDPA technology; with a 3 megapixel auto-focus with smile shot digital camera and 2,2 Inch OLED display. GPS is not included, Wi-Fi – not even close, accelerometer for fancy controls also not present, so what should be the main reason to buy it? A strange aspect can be taken into consideration here: buying an Armani, although I’m no millionaire, but I conceal the latter one. For about 300 Euro anyone can have an Armani in the pocket and were it proudly in the club.
The sales package is Night Effect labeled on its side, forecasting lots of things. The block shape, made of paper is similar to a50-piece CD holder, that in fact hold the phone, an Armani wristband, an Armani headphone, a network charger and a data cable that lacks all kinds of branding.

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