Samsung reveils a 12 Megapixel cameraphone at MWC 2009 event

Samsung Innov8 was the first was the first release of an 8MP cameraphone and it looks like Samsung will also be the first to announce and launch a 12MP handset. This world premiere should take place at MWC 2009 and the new hot device is expected to pack a real 12 megapixel camera. Sony Ericsson with its Cybershot series (now the ‘C’ devices) is loosing ground since the first SE 12 Megapixel phone should be announced in March.


The handset above is the INNOV8 with some Photoshop retouching, but details about the real phone are basically inexistent. It is rumored that Samsung plans to begin mass production before the end of February, with the intention of releasing it in Europe first. Telecoms Korea claims that the new cameraphone will be launched at Mobile World Congress 2009, two weeks from now.

We wonder if the device will use Android OS, if it’ll feature a touchscreen or a regular display and if it will be strictly a cameraphone or a smartphone with a hot camera. Other rumors mentioned that Samsung also wants to produce an 8MP phone with 3x optical zoom. So we might see that at MWC 2009 too, alongside the 12MP handset.

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