Sany Ericssan A8000i – Xperia in disguise ?

Xperia replica – A8000i

The Chinese clones strike again. A phone available now at Chinagrabber is a Sony Ericsson Xperia replica. The matching name (Sany Ericssan 🙂 ) is no coincidence either though we think they could be guilty of misspelling.

The A8000i model has a 2.9-inch regular screen (non-touch) and a regular numeric keypad slides out from the side. Curiously there’s an 8 MP camera at the back with some sort of zooming capability. You know the Sany Ericssan A8000i is a Smartphone because of the VAIO branding at the back so perhaps it could be smarter than most Smartphones.


Strategic advantages Sany Ericssan holds over Sony Ericsson:

* A quarterly sales volume measured in the hundreds is considered a rousing success.
* Neither Sany nor Ericssan have any intention of pulling out of the joint venture.
* “Outsourcing” of industrial design saves time, money, and staff.
* None of those pesky Windows Mobile licensing fees to worry about.
* GPRS data speed isn’t a problem — it’s a way of life.

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