Sony Ericsson Suggests PSP Phone Could Be Coming Soon

There have been rumors about a possible PSP from Sony Ericsson since 2006 and now, the media is still hoping to see a possible PlayStation phone in the near future.
President of Sony Ericsson, Hideki Komiyama, has revealed a keen interest in converging two of the company’s most lucrative market areas, telecommunications and gaming, to produce a possible PlayStation mobile handset. Although Mr. Komiyama has stated that it ‘could happen’, the chances are arguably increased due to Sony Ericsson losing major ground to Apple, after failing to produce a smartphone rival to the iPhone.
Despite its recent struggles in the smartphone market, Sony Ericsson has proved it has an ability to surprise and conquer, particularly in the department of convergence, as both their branded Walkman and Cybershot ranges have been major successes.
Other interesting facts that have come out of Mr. Komiyama’s statements are that Sony Ericsson plan to begin selling two new smart phones by the end of this year, with a third coming along in 2010. It appears that these smart phones may end up using third party operating systems such as Nokia’s Symbian, Google’s Android and Microsoft’s Windows Mobile.
Sony Ericsson was reported to have pitched a PSP phone to Sony a few months ago but was denied, while the recent Sony restructuring put former PlayStation boss Kaz Hirai in charge of “new mobile products”, another indicator of a PSP phone.
Moreover, it appears that not all is pink and shinny in joint venture Sony Ericsson, with the two camps now apparently turning on each other. A new report alleges that Sony is planning to buy out Ericsson’s share in the merged mobile phone maker, possibly because Sony wants to release a PSP phone by itself.
The future for Sony Ericsson may not be as bleak as originally thought, as it is due to release the Idou phone, a 12-megapixel camera smartphone set for release in Q4, which could prove to be the first real contender for the iPhone’s crown. So, could the so much awaited PSP2 actually be the PSP phone? Is it going to take on N-Gage? Will it batter the iPhone? Maybe, after all, the PSP will no longer be a pipe dream. It’s a long way off yet, if it actually happens at all, but a PSP phone could really be something to rival the iPhone in the years to come.

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