The devil wears PRADA

LG PRADA II officially launched

The Korean phone giant LG, has launched another handset in partnership with PRADA. The LG PRADA II model is officially released today and should be available in (PRADA) stores by the end on this year for an estimated price of 600 Euro.


The new device shows great looks and great luxury brand behind it, having a very similar design with the first LG PRADA launched in 2007, comes with significant hi-tech improvements. A QWERTY keyboard is available, by gently sliding the back side of the phone, high speed internet connection (Dual-band HSDPA 850MHz/2100MHz7 .2 Mbps), 5 megapixel camera, video calls support and Wi-Fi.

LG PRADA was the first ever cell phone (even before Apple iPhone) to utilize full touch screen interface and although the price was rather ‘spicy’ at that time, the first PRADA by LG model was sold in more than 1 million units. The Operating System is not yet known, according to rumors, Windows Mobile should be the one. This would fix all the interface issues that made the first PRADA a bit ‘rusty’

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